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Updates & Announcements / SuccessBux Renovation!
January 02, 2016, 11:09:53 pm
Hey Members,

You must have been noticing that it's been a long time since we last developed a feature for successbux, right?

We've been concerned too! So, we're planning to resume our development phase and make modifications to drive more easiness to users in navigating through the site and to earn effortlessly. To help us perform mods right and fast, please do let us know your suggestions, and you can support other members suggestions as well in the conversation here so to emphasize more on that feature first!

Best Regards,
Updates & Announcements / Minor issues around
July 21, 2015, 03:37:32 am

Hi members,

I have made few security updates in present script of successbux which may have resulted in minor issues at some pages, do report us if you find one.

P.S. this isn't the part of that huge update we're working on.

Best Regards.

Updates & Announcements / 50k members milestone!
July 14, 2015, 06:47:33 pm

SuccessBux has just achieved another milestone, 50,000 registered members! Thank you so much for promoting the program that is meant to help everyone!

P.S. Just wanted to again excite you that we are working on a huge site upgrade that will be live soon and that you will LOVE! Stay tuned.

Updates & Announcements / DoshSpot renovation soon!
January 11, 2015, 05:49:10 am
Hi members,

We have decided to renovate DoshSpot and make it a friendly interfaced general purpose forum.
Soon you will start noticing major improvements.

New design is under construction too.

If you have got any feedback/suggestion please do let us know.

Best Regards.
Updates & Announcements / Hack Attempt
January 06, 2015, 07:13:20 pm
Hi members,

We apologize for the inconvenience of few hours that was caused due to an attack from a hackers group. With our timely backups, we have recovered almost everything of most recent records. Moreover, the site database connections are now more secure and base script core functions are being improved. We also apologize for the unwanted email (few users received it) sent by hackers when the site was under attack. We assure successbux is more secure now and we are still working on more improvement in security.

As a compensation for fixed days advertising, we with a bonus added 24 hours to each Fixed PTC Ad.

During the script's solid security implementation phase, we'll need feedback from you, as there may many bugs arise in some modules. Please do let us know if you find any glitch.

Best Regards.
Updates & Announcements / NEW Personaly OfferWall
December 29, 2014, 04:10:14 am
Hi members,

After recent addition of ClixWall (another third party paid to click wall), We just brought another feature! Now earn even more through our another offerwall called Personaly! We suggest you to check this new offerwall now as it is reported to have many many offers available for almost all of the countries and available to all users!

Dont forget to checkout the Tasks tab of personaly offerwall too. Enjoy Earning!
Hi everyone,

Merry Christmas!

It's been a lot of time since we last updated our site with more features. But we have been working behind the scenes! So, now we are again here to bring you even more features! Purchase balance, Periodic Deals, New Payment Processors, New monthly referral contest, and much more is available now!

Check out our new cash referral contest that will run every month!

We have upgraded our server to facilitate increasing activity on site. Site Optimizations are also done to make the site load faster.

Do you Love Deals? SuccessBux now offers new deals every 6 hours!

Moreover, We have added Purchase Balance feature that will facilitate you in making purchases through our store.

Also, NEW Payment Processors are now available!
EgoPay, PerfectMoney are added whereas SolidTrustPay will be available too soon.

Many Bugs have been fixed. Several Improvements are made and will continue to be made.
We now need suggestions and feedbacks from you! Yes, that's too much precious and very significant to us. So please do let us know if you have one.

And yes, with new profile settings, you may need to update your preferences for better experience with our features.

Have a nice day & Happy Holidays!
Thank You.
Hey everyone,

It's me back from some tough schedule. I apologize for being some late in updates this time.

We're on major features development which shall be releasing starting from this week!

Stay Tuned! :)

Hi Members,

It's been a gap in major updates at successbux past few months, but we assure you, site's major up-gradation is going to be continued in upcoming weeks, providing YOU more options to earn.

For advertisers, Since its been a longtime we had any good deals, we are back with low cost fixed ad deal, but this time, slots are to be really limited in quantity. So here are our limited time and limited quantity offers:

30 Days Fixed Ad for just $19
15 Days Fixed Ad for just $13

Donot wait for the price hike, book your Ad now!

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Updates & Announcements / OfferWalls Fixed
July 03, 2014, 12:54:16 am
Hi members,

Three offerwalls (BLVD, TrialPay and MatomyMoney) were having some issues. We have fixed them up and they should be working fine now!

Best Regards.
Hello valuable DoshSpot users,

We are pleased to launch our all new project that we have been working on since quite a lot time.

UserHit as a revolutionary traffic exchange program is the first application derived from our fully custom built script that is based on latest php version syntax with secure PDO.

The theme is built on JqueryMob framework featuring AJAX based transitions in responsive blocks providing feasibility for mobile users.

The main features of UserHit include:

=> Upto 1:1 surfing ratio

=> Upto 50% referral purchase commissions (Highest commissions in the market)

=> 5 Levels Referral System
      - Upto 20% earning from level 1 referrals
      - Upto 5% earning from level 2 referrals
      - Upto 3% earning from level 3 referrals
      - Upto 2% earning from level 4 referrals
      - Upto 1% earning from level 5 referrals

=> Loads of games and prizes including:
    - Prize pages during surfing that allow surfers to claim awesome prizes in form of coins, cash, repositories, keys, credits and even more!
    - Repository Unlocks, yielding coins, credits and cash even!
    - Weekly Contests
    - Even more coming soon!

So, what are you waiting for? Join and Start surfing now to earn credits, coins, cash and a lot to be explored by you!

UserHit - Manual Surfing Traffic Exchange

Special for DoshSpot Users: Join and post your username here to get 7 day Premium membership for Free!
Hiya members,

We have been working in extending our network's services and we are now in straight road to bring you with more exciting things very soon.

First of all, we have got the MassPay feature approval for our paypal account that will now let you receive payments from us without bearing any fees, and especially for members from countries where we needed to make service payments that made members suffer from larger fee, but its no more now!

Secondly, Payza is back available again as withdrawl option which was temporarily removed due to some concerns.

And Finally, we have upgraded our Server! More changes are going to be made in this server side to handle our increasing user base and daily traffic.

... And again, ThankYou for your continued support & cooperation.
Hiya precious members,

Successbux's journey from November, 2012 up-to now has marked 17 months of solidly stable earning program online. At this great moment, we have made more user friendly tweaks and also started a referral contest with huge prizes.

- The PTCWall Ads (Extra PTC Ads) are now fixed and made to work fully functional.

- Offerwalls having crediting/postback issues are fixed too.

- A lot of minor tweaks made for more optimization of site.

A referral contest with $150 in cash prizes is started. Referrals having atleast 40 PTC clicks and registered after April 8th, 2014 will be counted under uplines toward the contest.

A new promotion banner is also added in the banners list, so What are you waiting for? Get the banner and referral link from your account and start promoting!

Updates & Announcements / More rapid growth!
February 28, 2014, 02:29:09 pm
Hiya everyone,

Did you know successbux recently crossed 17,000+ members mark!
Yes we are now getting hundreds of signups everyday.

And again, we added another offerwall to let you earn more at successbux. So make sure to checkout the earn area page, the new offerwall named "OfferToro" is waiting just for you! It carries easy offers, app tasks and simple surveys.

Moreover, we are going to get 16 months old this March. Successbux proved to stable and solid even during all tough times we faced.

More than 16,000,000 (Yes, 16 Million) Hits already served.
Thank you for your continued support!
Hiya members,

SuccessBux is again with more features!

- Get Paid to Listen Radio feature added in earning options list. (limited to US, UK, Canada, Australia region at the moment)

- Fixed Ads now go live automatically upon purchase! Yes, no manual approval need.

- Editing feature for fixed ptc adverts added.

- Upgraded members now get only 1% cashout processing fees (down from previous 2%)

- Few minor script and design tweaks done in inner pages.

- $200 USD cash referral contest is running, less than 6 days left. Want to join and win? It's still not too late, start promoting your referral link and be one of winners.

- Fixed PTC Advertisements now available for 15 days span, charges increased a little and may increase again as soon as few more ad spots are filled. Daily member clicks are constantly increasing day by day too.

And, We crossed 15,000+ Members mark recently! Thanks everyone for continuous support.

Looking to advertising? Check out our store:
Hiya members,

Here we are again with more developments, features and tweaks!

- Few pages are Redesigned for a better navigation, these include:
  - Earning Area Page
  - Paid to Signup Page
  - PTSU detail page, Converter, Contests and many other pages!

- New OfferWall "Wannads" added in earnings area list.

- Pending Coins Feature added which will now hold earned coins from matomy, superrewards, trialpay, wannads offerwalls for 14 days from date added. This is for verifying legitimate transaction from affiliated network.

- Suspended members can now unsuspend their account! If your account suspended due to in-activity, go to login page, enter correct login details which will redirect you to an account reactivation page, reactivation will result in cash and coins balance reset and account back to normal state.

- Multi account detection tightened, found accounts will be put on hold automatically.

- New referral contest started with $200 cash prizes in total.

Referrals that joined after January 10th, 2014 and made atleast 100 PTC clicks will be counted towards the contest. The contest will end on February 14th, 2014

- Two new banners added for promotion, check "Banners" page for more banners!

Moreover, Successbux recently crossed 12,000 Members! We are thankful to our precious members for this awesome growth in such short time, Thanks again for your continued support.

To your success,

Top 10 Referrers


What are you waiting for? Hurry up, less than 3 days to go!  ;)

Hiya precious members,

SuccessBux has now crossed over 10,000 Registered members mark!

At this special event, we have made few updates for our valuable members and newer offers for advertisers.

- Withrawal processing fee is now only 2% (from previous 5%)

- A new advertising special is added with heavy discounts on multiple types of advertising credits:

- Full 30 Days fixed advertising now available for just $11.9

Don't forget the referral contest, ending on 25th of December, 2013 i.e. only a week remaining from now:

Moreover, if you didn't check our advertisements page recently, check it now, we're having dozens of ads available right for you now. Enjoy multiplying your earnings.

Updates & Announcements / New Template - New Updates
December 09, 2013, 02:27:12 pm
Dear worthy members,

As usual, we're again with more updates of the developments we always keep on doing behind the scenes.

- A brand new and unique template is added at successbux.

- Regular PTC Ads (Not Fixed PTC Ads) will now not redirect to advertised site directly instead an alert will be displayed of the amount earned from Advert and 3 seconds waiting for redirection to advertised website. That means more FAST SURFING for you!!

- The $200 worth referral contest plan is modified and now made to end on December 25th, 2013. Be ready to prepare yourself a nice Xmas gift.

- Some stats parameters that were using lots of server resources are removed, making the site more faster to load.
- Script is being optimized in different aspects to make it easier for you to navigate between pages.


Full 30 Days Fixed PTC Advertising is still available for just $9
It is really a limited time offer and even can end before if our projected slots are filled and that is only a few number away.
Grab it before this awesome offer ends, Check Store page NOW!!


Best Regards,
The Fixed PTC Ad special promotion is now almost to finish.

That is, Full 30 Days Fixed PTC Ad for just $5

We're extending only 48 hours more to this great offer.

Remember, Fixed PTC Ads get atleast 600 to 900 Unique Clicks/Views daily. This number is going to increase even more in upcoming weeks due to our continuous marketing.

Note that this offer might end even before too if our set max limit of supplies is reached. Multiple Slots already filled, So Grab your slot before this awesome offer ends!  ;)

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Best Regards,