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Barcelona Real Madrid, the Classic Ends in a Draw

Started by Rshop2018, June 13, 2018, 08:31:33 am

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The most astonishing thing about this card for me was actually his shootout. I mean... yes... it is 89 on the front of the card... but with all the hunter chem onto it, it FIFA 19 Coins  could also be 99. He is just so clinical. His shots are precise, super tough and beat even the best goalkeepers in the game (De Gea, Ter Stegen, etc.), which, as already mentioned, led to him scoring 24 goals in the Weekend League in 13 games for me.

Just as one would expect from a Striker with 91 moves, he could also deliver some nice moves and aids. I did not have much of a opportunity to check his crossing (though he is taking my turns now, but I'm not so good at this... well... not much for me personally ). But driving is really good.

Obviously you have a terrible score from time to time, that is the game, but it feels really smooth. The next player he'd like to compare to would be Messi, of course, but for me personally he has done far better than the Messis basemap, not only within this category, but entire.

The weak point of the map. He's as weak as you would expect. His high balance and agility help him a little in a few scenarios, but overall, you can not expect to hold on to defenders or something similar to that. If they reach you, you eliminate the ball. Additionally, because he's so modest, he won't win you any headers... ever.

Again, actually, what you'd expect when studying the map statistics. Just really excellent. I struggled a little with all the instructions to him and found his place to be the best, Buy FIFA 19 Coins  together with the instruction of the goal man . I know it's funny, but for some reason it only suits him. Not to keep defender, but to find the ballturn and proceed with the match and utilize his outstanding skills (shoot, dribble, over).

If you're looking for something cheap (at least for what you buy ) players together with clinical end, colorful dribbling, and good passing play, he's the man for you, provided that you can handle his low intensity and feeble mind. But if you would like a quick, nimble dribbler... go for this. You won't be sorry.

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