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Started by mmopm, June 01, 2018, 03:29:05 am

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If EA could have a word with James Richardson and take us back to the glory days of Football Italia while they're at it that'd be great.

In an interview with Bloomberg last year EA CEO Andrew Wilson discussed the viability of leaving behind annual on-disc releases.FIFA 19 Comfort Trade His words posed an interesting question: would EA be willing to forgo millions in profits by not cashing-in on year-by-year sports titles as they always have?Perhaps but some reports missed the point of his comments and such a significant step isn't going to happen in 2018 anyway.

Wilson speculated on an 'always on" system that constantly updated 365 days per year not a complete shift from annual tweaking. That would do away with the need for physical boxed copies of FIFA but his words appeared to hint that EA are still in the early stages of planning. This means FIFA 19 whether downloaded from Xbox Live and PSN or not will still be on store shelves.

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