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BEIJING Uomo Nike Air Presto Essential Nere Italia , May 25 (Xinhua) -- China's judoka Yu Song won the women's +78kg category at the World Judo Masters in Rabat, Monaco, on Sunday, according to International Judo Federation (IJF).

Yu, winner of the event in 2013, beat Japan's veteran Yamabe Kanae to claim the title. They entered the last minute of fight. With three shido against Yamabe Nike Air Presto SE Woven Nere Italia , Yu finally won.

Yu also won the category at the Asian Championships earlier in May.

The World Judo Masters, which took place from May 23 to 24 at the Palace of Sport in Rabat, gathered top 16 athletes in each weight category and offered 700 points to the winners.


JINAN, March 1 (Xinhua) -- An east China city on Saturday issued two cachets in honor of the national memorial day that mourns victims of the Nanjing Massacre and the Victory Day of the anti-Japanese war.

The cachet that honors the national memorial day for Nanjing Massacre victims consists of pictures of Chinese people being killed by Japanese invaders and a memorial wall that bears the names of 300,000 victims in the massacre.

The one for the Victory Day is made up of pictures of peace doves for the World Peace Congress by Pablo Piccasso, the helmets of fallen Japanese invaders as well as the English character "V" that stands for the word "victory."

The cachets Uomo Nike Air Presto Nere Italia , released by Jinan Post (JP) in Jinan City, capital of east China's Shandong Province, are aimed at reminding people of history, according to JP.

China's top legislature voted on Thursday to set December 13 as the national memorial day for Nanjing Massacre victims while formalizing September 3 as Victory Day of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.

By Xinhua Writer Yang Chunxue

BEIJING, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) -- With her long curly blond hair, Michel McGrath stands out from the crowd of Chinese passengers in Beijing South Railway Station Donna Nike Air Presto BR Rosa Italia , waiting to begin their long New Year journeys home.

"I came very early this morning for fear of congestion, but it's turned out much better than I'd expected," said a relieved Michel, who has spent six years in China and was on her way to Shanghai.

"It is hard to imagine how our government would handle it if 'chunyun' happened in Ireland," she quipped.

The "chunyun" she mentioned is 40 days of holiday travel rush around Spring Festival. People often describe it as the biggest seasonal human migration on the planet. The torrent of travelers began on Jan. 16 and an estimated 3.62 billion trips will be made by train, plane Off-White x Nike Vapormax Nere Bianche Italia , boat and bus before everything returns to normal on Feb. 25.

More than 257 million of those trips will be made by train.

It is not the first chunyun train Michel has taken. Recalling her first chunyun trip four years ago, she frowned and said: "People jostled each other on the train and all you could do was be patient. Be patient with everyone and avoid trouble."

For many foreigners, taking a train during the melee is more than just a painful part of the holiday routine. For some it is an interesting cultural phenomenon, worth experiencing and exploring. Patrick Yaw Sam from Ghana is one of them.

"I find chunyun both stressful and interesting," Patrick said. "Getting a ticket is quite hard and a Chinese friend helped me out."

Despite of crowds and difficulty in getting a ticket, he chose to travel by train Off-White x Nike Air Vapormax Bianche Nere Italia , instead of other means. "You can see nothing from the plane, but you can see buildings and farms by train, and it is a cool way of traveling."

Patrick studies in the China University of Petroleum at the Qingdao campus. He had come to Beijing six days before and was heading back to Qingdao.

"I heard someone equal chunyun to other Chinese wonders like the Great Wall and Terra-cotta Warriors. Some people even change the saying 'who fails to reach the Great Wall is no hero' to 'who fails to experience chunyun is no hero', though I think they are exaggerating a little bit. Still, chunyun is a truly interesting experience for me," he said.

"It' s hard to find parallels to chunyun in other countries. It came into being in a unique way. China has the largest population in the world Off-White x Nike Air Vapormax Nere Italia , and when Spring Festival comes, students, workers and almost everyone will go home," said Feng Yan of the Communication University of China.

"Also, Spring Festival -- unlike Thanksgiving or Christmas -- lasts quite a long time - from about a week before New Year to the lantern festival," Feng said. "Besides Uomo Off-White x Air Jordan 1 The Ten Bianche Nere Italia , many countries don't have railway networks like China. In the U.S., people drive or fly home for holidays, so it's hard to see scenes like chunyun in other countries."

Feng, who was born in China but grew up in Zurich, said people outside China have two main impressions of chunyun. "Some still believe the Chinese people have to squeeze onto the train through the windows, and that trains are slow and shabby; while others think that with the development of high-speed railway Uomo Off-White x fragment design x Nike Air Jordan 1 Nere Blu Italia , train travel has greatly improved."

"Perhaps due to reports of shabby, overcrowded trains some years ago,the impression still lingers with many people," he added.

Feng Yan, 31, is a big fan of railways and has by far traveled more than 220 Off-White x Nike Air Presto Virgil Abloh Nere Italia ,000 kilometers by train in over 20 countries, including 140,000 kilometers in China; almost the whole Chinese railway network.

He once took Train No.6417 from Beijing' s downtown area to Chengde in Hebei Province three years ago during the rush. "What impressed me most was that water was fetched from old-fashioned coal-fired device, and the trainman sang to sell snacks. That really attracted me."

Feng believes that chunyun greatly changed with the coming of high-speed railways. "The high-speed trains hold more passengers and run much faster, and the environment on the train is much better."

Feng created a website called "TrackingChina" in 2010 to help English-speaking passengers get to know China' s railways. H.

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