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You probably feel that cafe curtains are a great item

Started by fghjjkl, April 27, 2018, 07:16:34 am

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Nylon Fabrics You probably feel that cafe curtains are a great item that can sparkle up your window and your room. They really are giving something special to the room, an atmosphere that is refreshing and different then so many others. Besides that, it is easy to install cafe curtains and they are ideal for most of rooms - just set then up according to your room decorating style.

We will present you with several options on how to set not only your cafe curtains, but how to set up curtain rods with them.

Cafe Curtains - Country Home

If you want to have a country home setup, then you have lots of possibilities to choose from. Easiest is to find a tree branch that would be perfect for your window and would match your cafe curtains. Besides the wood as a classic, you can also pick an iron rod or some old, rejected part that can fit as a curtain rod. When it comes to fabric, you can find pieces of quilt or some old parts of different fabric to create a total country style look for your window and cafe curtains. All you need to do is to sew them in one fitting piece for your window and sew a rod pocket so you can combine it with your wood branch.

There is one more advice for you we should mention, and its about the window frame. You can buy some would to make two frames and fit them inside the window where yours cafe curtain should go. Use the stapler, or hot glue if you have some, and set up your fabric on the window frame, lower and upper side both, to make beautiful country style curtains. 

Cafe Curtains - Traditional Home

If a traditional home look is what you want, the brass rods with finial will be great for you. Or you can use spring loaded rods for that matter, depends on your personal taste. Brass rod is usually hanged by small brackets, which someone find cute, but you must know that they will be visible on your window frame. So if you don't like that, skip it. Choose spring loaded rods because they will fit on your window frame without being visible. The pocket on your cafe curtain will make sure of that.

Cafe Curtains - Modern Home

You probably know this one. To get a modern home atmosphere, the best thing when it comes to curtain rods is to choose stainless steel rod. This is the best you can get for a modern cafe curtain style. Some other rods would also come in handy, like your old plastic shower curtain or even an old umbrella. That's more funky, but lots of people find it cute and see it way better then stainless steel. You can find whatever you like to make an interesting cafe curtain. Remember, there are no limits. Only you know what it feels right and looks good on your windows.

Cafe Curtains - Eclectic Home

Polyester Chiffon When it comes to eclectic home, you can really go wild there. If you aim to have eclectic cafe curtains, you choices are numerous. The more unusual items, the better. Old cane, sword, pieces of mechanic tools, pipes and whatever that can fit your window. Then you need to find a way how to attach cafe curtain to your new rod, and you will be on your way. Try to combine an old style look, with something traditional and you will really hit the spot when it comes to eclectic cafe curtains and interesting curtain rods. The choice is up to you.

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