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All about Fifa 19: anticipations, curiosities and the release date

Started by eacgamecom, January 30, 2018, 02:57:29 am

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FIFA 19 Comfort Trade By the end of 2018 it will be available to all and will present some great novelties such as the Indian and Chinese championships and the Italian Serie C. Also from this edition the game could also be updated online with downloads every September allowing savings of time and money for everyone. On the cover of course FUT 19 Comfort Trade Cr7.

The countdown has begun and all the fans are with the classic burr to the mouth for the wait: FIFA2019 is now a certainty and you just have to understand when it will come out in stores and you can play. FIFA 19 will arrive at the end of 2018 but the date has not yet been defined well. Meanwhile millions of gamers around the world can not wait to get their hands in preview to see if it will be an even more enjoyable product than the edition released in autumn 2017. So they bounce the curiosities the anticipations and some gossip of too much

Among the many anticipations FIFA 19 should present further new championships: there has been talk of the Indian and Chinese tournament for some time and the latter seems to be close to becoming a reality. There is also room for the Italian Serie C which could finally be available to all fans of minor football. In a real full 360-degree game.

Another curiosity that now really seems to be reality is that Cristiano Ronaldo should once again be the protagonist of FIFA on the cover after the passage of Messi and Barcelona to rivals of Pro Evolution Soccer. However the transfer of Neymar to deliveries is not to be excluded considering the important transition to the PSG in media terms.

The third reason that is not making fans of the game sleep for days is the news arrived directly from the CEO of EA Sports according to which FIFA could stop being sold as a single game and become a renewed product every year. Thanks to a subscription that updates every September so you can pay significantly less and simply update the game with all the news of the case without having to sell the product in the stores and force consumers to go and buy it.

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