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Started by yayoa, June 13, 2017, 08:27:55 am

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Bovet flight tourbillon Ottantasei designed by Pininfarina

Bovet TIMEPIECES BOVET BY PININFARINA OTTANTASEI copy watch . Bovet Flying Tourbillon Ottantasei 10 days little finger watch earlier this year on the world debut, Pininfarina line Bovet development of an important level. The watch shows Pininfarina's different style specifications and also responds into the influence of the first Tourbillon Otunda® in 2010. " Light" with its double connotation on the luminosity and limited fat is the development of each level of the slogan of this intriguing item.

Making DIMIER 1738 technical staff members and watchmakers and Pininfarina designers in this movement from the release of new technologies, along with brought together four significant sapphire crystal, show fantastic technology. The watch case comes with titanium 15. fifty four grams or gold (51. 66 grams), which elevates the appearance of the best cockpit with the car, with excellent comfort appeal. The balance and balance of the dial show the intricacy of the watch from the one barrel and the power reserve sign at 10: 00 towards the flight tourbillon at some: 00. HYT H1 Chrysoberyl Dome Black DLC 148-DL-21-GF-RU-YS copy watch


Tourbillon Ottantasei's 10-day autonomy should be twice the number of crown teeth required by the DIMIER 1738 watchmaker to develop and obtain some sort of patented spherical differential. The actual miniaturization of this mechanism encouraged them to submit the second branded three-dimensional multi-tooth meshing your teeth, while optimizing the watch functioning, while greatly reducing typically the clutter. Therefore , the watch might be quickly wound twice thus it reaches the power required for twelve days of autonomy.




The particular flat that supports the full movement highlights the perfect end and subtle synergies involving light and transparency, specific niche market, and adds structural hardness on the other. Need half a moment of processing and EDM to produce veneer. The worksmen of the decoration workshop have to have a whole day to ensure unparalleled good quality. Sandblasting, drawing, beads, Geneva and hand chamfering are merely some handicrafts that enter this process and the slightest car accident can cause irreparable damage. Take note that this true three-dimensional secret feat involves decorating, specially on both sides of the chamfer and all its vertical wall surfaces. wholesale copy men watches


Each tire in the gear train has become carefully angled and physically chamfered, while the shaft from the shaft with the traditional perfromance and quality to scroll. The remarkably original flywheel Tourbillon involves 104 components. Many of their innovations include a unique brdge in its axis. In addition to the stability of quality and the resultant reduction in the leverage influence, the tourbillon compartment would seem more freely than ever heading in its own space. Your house is a patented double-sided tourbillon with an escapement on both isn't stable of the central fixed place and a balance spring to further improve the timing performance in the watch by clearly presenting both the escapement and the equilibrium spring Aesthetic quality area of the caliber. copy RICHARD MILLE RM 11-02 JAPAN BLUE WATCH


Other factors in the BOVET compilation of the Pininfarina series of OTTANTASEI flagship series include the growth and design of a exterior treatment system designed for assortment to expand the switching between surfaces and volumes on the movement. There are 34 dark areas - from black for you to white - for the several levels that make up the volume with this action. The same applies to London round baroque round decorations designed for the collection of tourbillon, where the two hammers are generally circled to the barrel. Every single interpretation - titanium, african american DLC titanium or platinum - built-in limited model only 86 pieces. 13, 000 digital plate for each activity will be carefully screwed upon the back of the 44mm.




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