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PayPal Mass Pay added + Payza available again!

Started by Sam, April 30, 2014, 03:10:26 pm

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Hiya members,

We have been working in extending our network's services and we are now in straight road to bring you with more exciting things very soon.

First of all, we have got the MassPay feature approval for our paypal account that will now let you receive payments from us without bearing any fees, and especially for members from countries where we needed to make service payments that made members suffer from larger fee, but its no more now!

Secondly, Payza is back available again as withdrawl option which was temporarily removed due to some concerns.

And Finally, we have upgraded our Server! More changes are going to be made in this server side to handle our increasing user base and daily traffic.

... And again, ThankYou for your continued support & cooperation.
- Feel Free to directly contact me for any type of support.
admin [at] successbux [dot] com


Payza now again not available. This is very bad for users who can not receive payments on PayPal. I hope this is temporary?

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